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      Tara Tinsley dfRost HighwayBeautiful
      HoneyBucket Thicker Than Thieves Mitra
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  • A Message from Bucc Wild…

    HEY GANG! Bucc Wild here, locked in the basement of BUCDAA….they put me down here until I complete my podcasting duties…..and as it turns out….there is some pretty cool stuff down here to play with…I am really enjoying the beer bong and Nintendo Wii especially….they go great together! The staff of BUCDAA also is kind enough to toss down a bowl of rice and hunk of fish from time to time, so I have my sustenance to bring you the best independent music on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. This podcast features the likes of d*fRost, Honey Bucket, the Japanese based band OD, Mitra, Thicker Than Thieves, Tara Tinsley, The Highway Beautiful, A-List, The West Wind Boyz et. al. So, sit back, turn up the speakers and rock out to the latest edition of BUCDAA RADIO!

    Bucc Wild(in the basement)
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