Our mission is to introduce you to new, exciting and upcoming artists all over the World! We want to introduce you to these artists in our network or if you are interested in joining the BUCDAA, contact our director for more information! This network is for artists to collaborate with other talented individuals, promote their own artwork or develop relationships for future opportunities.


Masaru Fujiwara is one of the leading artists in Japan, mainly now focusing on designing book cover designs. His work with Kumon Publishing is widely acclaimed and is found on every type of book in Japan. He has worked as art director and contributor to many large projects such as the movie promotional poster for the Dead Zone as well as art and costume for the original Tiger Mask professional wrestler in Japan. Masaru is also a member of the The Sociey of Publishing Arts and specializes in drawing, design and layout. Check out his artwork to see a sample of this very talented artist’s work.

Izumi Abe– Sendai, Japan


Izumi Abe, she specializes in etching as well as customization for the cult phenomenon Blythe dolls. she has a myriad of art background, but has gained a solid reputation as one of the premier etchers in Japan as well as one of the most creative designers for Blythe. She releases a new outfit once a month and are always snapped up very quickly due to the uniqueness as well as the craftsmanship. Check out Izumi Abe’s work, pictures and other features here on BucDaa.

Yamada Yoshihiro - Sendai, Japan


Yoshihiro is also from Sendai City, Japan and specializes in ink illustrations and custom work for computer and web-based clients. His artwork is considered “warm” and has a unique feel to all of his creations.

Brett zumFelde - Columbus, OH, U.S.A


Brett specializes in drawing, tattoo design, graphic design and modern art. As a professional photographer, he enjoys combining his photography with logo and design work. He has collaborated on projects such as book covers for Kumon Publishing, animation design for Japanese safety training videos for children, logo design for BucDaa.com and the Top 5 Company and multiple music album covers and promotional fliers. He also has worked in advertising layouts for magazines and newspapers.

Juana Almaguer - Sendai, Japan


While living in Sapporo in the 1990's, Juana studied Suibokuga which led to yet another dimension to her art. However, this is just one aspect of this very talented artist, originally from California and now residing in Sendai, Japan. Adding influences from Mexico and other parts of the world as well as incorporating various media beyond the traditional paint and canvas, Juana has successfully developed her own very unique and beautiful artistic style. Please check her website as well as her blog to see more of her work.
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