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od_cd OD released the first American-debut album aptly titled First Mission. Now it is available through CD Baby and i-Tunes. As they prepare to record a full length album they wanted first to introduce ourselves to their American audience with this album including songs from their Japanese released First Born as well as new songs that have just been recorded for this album.

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We here at BUCDAA are proud to have had a hand in this video as OD entrusted us to put together something for a song that we all think is very relative with what is going on in the world today. Enjoy the video!  

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alist A-List doesn't really fit with any of the usual preconceptions about hip-hop. Actually, they don't really fit in, period. The duo doesn't roll with a crew. They look nothing like stereotypical rappers. And they definitely have a sound of their own — sometimes clumsy, sometimes affecting and sometimes downright fun.
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midas Mr.Midas’ new album Son of The Crack Era has a release date of March, 2008, make sure you pick up a copy!! read more!
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